1- That you notice and that my client have friendly relations with each other. This is without prejudice to all other legal rights and remedies available to our customer for the aforementioned purposes. If the above conditions are met, legal proceedings may be initiated for the payment of the amount of the check upon receipt of the notification of bounce of the check to the drawer within thirty days of the expiry of the fifteen-day period. The bounce action of the check can be initiated in the court of the city where the check was presented for payment. The case is filed pursuant to section 138 of the Act. AD/ UPC/ VON HAND Dated————– To ——————————– ——————————— Sub.:- Legal notice in accordance with § 138 of the Transferable Instruments Act. Lawyer Rayhanul Islam is the founder and editor-in-chief of Law Help BD. He is also a researcher. Critical thinking is its main goal. He is looking for positive changes in Bangladesh`s legal sector. It promotes legal knowledge and the concept of human rights up to the basic level.

Email: rayhan@lawhelpbd.com undelivered cheque is a clear and serious indication to the cheque issuer that the cheque recipient can take legal action if payment is not made promptly. A notice of § 138 must be sent to the issuer of the check within 30 days of the return of the check due to its validity. Hi Rayhanul Islam, Thank you for providing this hint format. I loved this article. very useful for me. Would you like to take a look at my legal website Legal Formats and Legal Services, Dear Mr. or Mrs., We are acting on behalf of our client mentioned above, who asked us to send you this notice under the following conditions: The notice is an example of a legal warning that gives the drawer 15 days, to pay the amount of the unpaid check. The beneficiary has the right to file a complaint. The beneficiary may also only take legal action against the respective defaulting shooter if the money has not been paid within 15 days of receiving a notification.

If the recipient refuses to pay the amount required to obtain the bank`s memo within 15 days, the lawsuit may be commenced under section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act (Act ni). The delivery of a notification before legal action is taken is mandatory for uncashed cheques. A notice issued under section 138 of the Transferable Instruments Act must only be given by registered mail by AD mail within one month of the cheque being reimbursed. It is therefore, through this notice, asking you to pay the check of Rs. 1,00,000 /-(a single lakh) as well as a consultation fee of 5500/- to my client within 15 days of receipt of this notice, otherwise you will be prosecuted under the U/S 138 N.I. Act and other criminal law provisions of the IPC. If the cheque is rejected due to insufficient coverage and is returned by the bank, the recipient must send a legal opinion to the auditor`s drawer and request payment. Cheque bounce is a criminal offence under section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments act, 1881 in India. The legal notice serves as an indication to the cheque drawer that the amount indicated in the cheque must be paid by him, otherwise legal action will be brought against him under the Exchangeable Instruments Act in the respective court.

When the check bounces, the first step is to send the bounce notification from the check to the drawer and ask it to pay the amount. If he does not comply with the notification, legal action may be taken against him. To take legal action and take legal action against the shooter, the following conditions must be met: Law Help BD is a platform for sharing legal knowledge, it is not an alternative to a lawyer. A lawyer must research and try different strategies to achieve the best result for his client, which may differ from a general explanation of the law. Therefore, it is advisable to hire an experienced lawyer if there is a specific problem to solve, you can also hire us or try our offers of legal support or simply send us an email to lawhelpbd@gmail.com Under the instructions and on behalf of my client priya Gambhir s/o- R/O :- …… x , Apartment n° 102 , …….. Colony, Ghaziabad U.P 201011. I hereby issue you the following legal notice: – On the instruction and authority of our customer M / s. ___________________________________________________________for________________ _______________you_ you have placed an order for _________________amounting to Rs. ______________for _____ That you have promised our customer to pay the cost of the product in the form of a check in progress, as mentioned in the order. If the check is presented to the bank for payment and it bounces back, the bank will return the check with a return note indicating the reason for the return. If the bank rejects the cheque due to insufficient coverage, the drawer may be informed and legal action may be taken against him.

Disclaimer: These guides/articles are neither legal advice nor a substitute for a lawyer These articles are provided free of charge as general guides. While we do our best to ensure that these guides are useful, we do not guarantee that they are accurate or appropriate to your situation and do not accept any responsibility for any losses that their use may cause you. Do not rely on the information provided here without first seeking experienced legal advice. If in doubt, please always consult a lawyer. The beneficiary can re-deposit the cheque while it is valid (within 3 months of the date of issue) or take legal action. The beneficiary shall inform the subscriber in writing if he decides to give him sufficient time to reimburse the legal amount. The said cheque was presented for payment, but it was returned by your bank with the ticket [___]. The bank informed us of [_] through its comments on the cheques. This fact has been brought to your attention by our client letter from [__].

The person must draw the cheque to fulfill a legally enforceable debt or liability. The check must be returned by the bank because the amount of money in the subscriber`s account is insufficient or exceeds the amount to be paid by an agreement with the bank from the drawer`s account. For future use, a copy of this notice will be kept in our Chamber. Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act was drafted to control rejected cheques.