All problems can usually be attributed to a single person. By exterminating this person and preventing him from operating, you will stop his influence. Do not waste time, otherwise their influence will multiply. In each group, power is concentrated in one or two people. Therefore, it is important to understand who controls the group. This becomes even more difficult, as troublemakers prefer to disguise their actions. However, isolate their power and they become superfluous. The unfortunate incurable tend to present themselves as victims, and before you realize that they are the cause of their own misfortune, they have infected you with their misery. The person you team up with is crucial. By connecting with the wretched, you waste your precious time and use your potential strength. Perseverance and dedication have been one of the driving factors behind his success, but it wouldn`t have earned him the reputation of being the greatest genius the world has seen to date, without his business acumen and marketing skills.

Edison spared no expense to attract attention at all costs whenever possible. He knew the power behind marketing and how important it was at the time. Thomas Edison was a ruthless individual who was only interested in himself and the glory of letting his name go down in history, rather than trying to be a precious person and a valuable asset to his company. […] What I pay attention to is to attract attention at all costs. Try to get an office as close as possible to your boss. Make your brand […] Make sure that the only cause you commit to is yourself. Maintain your independence at all costs. This way, you can play people against each other. When you hold back from joining something, you create a sense of respect because you become untouchable. They gain a reputation for independence. The way you present yourself to the world will reflect the way others see and treat you.

Carry yourself with self-respect, self-confidence and dignity to give the impression that you are destined for power. We must bring ourselves to demand and expect as much as a small child. Believe that you are destined for greatness, and this faith will radiate outward and others will believe it too. Ask for less, and that`s exactly what you`ll get. Capitulate before you are about to be defeated. This will give you more time to plan your revenge and torment your conqueror. By yielding, you deny them the satisfaction of destroying you. In doing so, you make the act of abandonment a tool of power. Attention of the Court at all costs Meaning: everything is judged by its appearance; What is invisible counts for nothing. So never let yourself be lost in the crowd or be forgotten.

Come off. Be visible, at all costs. Make yourself an attention magnet by appearing bigger, more colorful, more mysterious than the bland and shy masses. Content of the 6th Summary of the 48 Laws of Power. Always make sure that the people above feel comfortably superior. Hide the extent of your own talents, otherwise your masters might not feel safe. The better you make your Master appear, the higher the level of power you will attain. Those who stand above you want to feel safe and superior in their positions.

This may mean making some harmless mistakes so that you can ask your master for help. Since the truth is often ugly, if you turn to it, you risk being bombarded with the rage of disillusionment. By tapping into the fantasies of the masses instead, people will flock to you while offering an alternative to disillusionment with reality. By observing which aspects of daily life are most hated, one can evoke fantasies that promise the opposite of people`s current realities, thus exercising phenomenal power. It is important to know what you are going to do with the new celebrity while attracting attention at all costs. Have a plan on how you`re going to use it and how you`re going to handle the negativity you`re going to create. The power of mystery is that it invites debate and stimulates our imagination. This makes us believe that what has been hidden is spectacular.

You don`t have to be awesome or impressive to draw secrets. You can do this by exhibiting mysterious behavior and courting attention in subtle ways. Choose your opponents wisely. There are people who, once defeated, will spend the rest of their lives taking revenge. Therefore, it is worth not insulting the wrong person. The ability to properly measure people is the most important thing to gain and maintain power.