b. Boaters may dock at the public wharf on Harriet Island only during public hours. Night mooring is not allowed. Prospect Recreation & Park District appreciates your interest in using the park and recreational facilities. If you have any questions or concerns, or to obtain written authorization, please contact: a. Signs and instructions must be followed at all times. Inappropriate, disruptive or dangerous behaviour may result in the displacement of individuals and/or groups. You can report someone who violates park or greenway rules, including: But if you`ve ever looked at someone who is too boisterous in the park, you`ll understand that there are rules of etiquette that should be universal. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you`re in the park, whatever the reason to make sure everyone has a good time. Skijoring dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and are subject to the same control and cleaning rules and fines listed in CHAPTER 6, Section 2. Misuse of a natural resource in the park system is not permitted, nor is the deliberate digging of holes, excavation or the beginning of destruction or damage to a natural resource.

b. Feeding of wild animals within the park is not permitted without the prior written permission of Superintendent Saint Paul Legislative Code § 170.10(e) states that a person may be evicted from a park for a period of 24 hours or more if there is reason to believe that such person has violated the following general rules of conduct, by intentionally disrupting the proper functioning of a park: program or event. A person may also be evicted and reinstated for a longer period (in no case more than 6 months) if there is evidence that their presence no longer endangers the proper functioning of the park. One. Swimming, paddling pools or swimming are only permitted in areas specifically designated for these activities. There are no designated public swimming areas along the Mississippi River in the park controlled by the City of Saint Paul. k. Weddings and other ceremonies, including processions, are not permitted on campus during public opening hours. Contact 651-487-8250 for information on after-hours rentals if such activities can be arranged. “LAKES” means any body of water, including, but not limited to, lakes, ponds, stormwater retention areas, streams, rivers or wetlands located on park property. One. Attempts to kill, injure, harass, remove or unnecessarily disturb fish, waterfowl, birds, deer or wildlife on park grounds are not permitted.

One. A permit is required if a person wishes the exclusive use of a specific area, building or other park, or for special cultural, educational, political, religious or recreational events. Any person holding an authorization must comply with the RULES AND REGULATIONS set out in this document in addition to the specific conditions listed on the permit. To obtain a parking permit or rent a parking facility, contact the Park Permits Office at 651-266-6400.d. It is forbidden to throw and remove coins from fountains, lakes or ponds on park grounds. Tobacco use, including e-cigarettes, is prohibited in all public spaces at Como Zoo and the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory. Please see the New York City Rules for comment or learn more about the rules proposed by parks and other municipal authorities. b. Outdoor BBQ is not permitted in the following downtown parks without written permission from the Superintendent: Landmark Plaza, Rice Park, Kellogg Mall Park, Mears Park, Irvine Park and Wacouta Commons. f. Glass containers are not permitted in the parks unless otherwise specified or expressly authorized by the Superintendent.

c. The noisy use of loudspeakers, car radios, boom boxes or other loud or amplified sound systems is not permitted in and around parks, buildings or ball fields without the proper or written permission of the Superintendent. All laws regarding vehicle noise must be followed in and around all parks, buildings or ball fields. The Superintendent may remove any unauthorized or abandoned property found on park property at the expense of the owner and, if not claimed within 60 days, sell or destroy such items. c. The distribution of pamphlets, pamphlets or brochures to park visitors by affixing them to vehicles parked in a park is prohibited. e. Motor vehicles parked illegally on the parking area may be marked or towed at the owner`s expense.

e. Every person holding a permit is responsible for any loss, damage or injury to the park or to any person caused by or associated with the permit holder or his guests. Some permits may require additional insurance coverage, with the City of St. Paul listed as additional insurance. “NATURAL RESOURCE” means any plant or plant product, geological formation, body of water or animal found in parks and open spaces maintained and managed by the City of Saint-Paul. The following rules apply to the conduct of all groups and/or individuals during their stay in City of St. Paul Park facilities – see definition in CHAPTER 1, Section 3: “FACILITIES” means all structures, including but not limited to recreation centres; maintenance of buildings, garages or sheds; Pools; play or recreational equipment; Bridges; Shed; Fences; and any other element that is constructed, installed or placed on park grounds for use in a park or for specified recreational purposes. “COMO CAMPUS” means the park grounds and all buildings of Como Zoo, Marjorie McNeely Conservatory, Japanese Garden, Como City Entertainment Area, Cafesjian Carousel, Frog Pond and Excedra, bounded by Midway Parkway, Hamline Avenue, Como 18-hole Golf Course and Lexington Avenue to Estabrook. d. Designated bike racks are available for bicycle parking.

Bicycles should not be parked in a place where they could endanger other park visitors. c. The practice of placing one or more persons in a parking lot to reserve it for a vehicle that does not yet exist is not permitted. People enjoy parks for all sorts of reasons. Maybe they`re hosting a casual picnic with brie and red wine, or relaxing on the lawn with friends and family. Maybe they just want to soak up the sun while catching up with their Kindle. The fact is, most people don`t leave with the goal of being a nuisance. The City of Saint Paul considers it necessary that rules and by-laws be adopted under section 170.06 of the Legislative Code of Saint Paul in order to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all persons participating in park activities.