Finding almond milk brands approved and compliant by Whole30 can be very difficult for several reasons. You need to find one without sweeteners. It may also not have carrageenan. These two ingredients are found in the majority of almond milk brands. As a bonus, you can even use almond meat to make baked goods or even almond flour. Hi Jen! Thank you very much for your diligence – you are so right. Looks like Monk Fruit Extract is a no-go. I`ve never seen a fruit extract that hasn`t been approved – that`s a first! I say it enough gray area that I wouldn`t recommend starting from scratch (I don`t think you`re drinking almond milk for that sweet kick!), BUT I removed it from my list. I very much appreciate your contribution! Thank you! In the specific carbohydrate diet, walnut milks are introduced in the first stage in the form of almonds and pecans. In the second stage, coconut, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia and other nuts can be used to make milk. Rice, oats and soy milk are not allowed at all because they contain cereals or soy. However, almost all nut milk and coconut milk are allowed and can easily be made at home to meet the requirements of sickle cell disease. Of all the ready-to-use brands of almond milk, I`ve only come across one SCD approved, Simply Almond.

This almond milk contains no sugar, thickeners, stabilizers or artificial flavors and is simply, pun intended, almonds. I was also able to find a brand of coconut milk, and that`s Thrive Market coconut milk, as it only contains coconut. Both brands are suitable as I write this, but always check the ingredients as they can all be updated or changed together. Organically grown almond milk, pasteurized, salt, annatto, microbial enzymes (labless) Store-bought almond milk often contains added thickeners and stabilizers to create a “richer” mouthfeel and usually contains a lower percentage of the almonds used to make the product – you can buy almond-flavored water, really! Doing it at home only requires the foresight of soaking the nuts overnight, and you`re good to go! Hello! Maybe I missed it, but is brand 365 of organic unsweetened almond milk on the approved list? Thank you! This thought came because of the carrageenan in many almond milks. There are so many clean, non-toxic, carrageenan-free almond milks that are NOT cancerous and even beneficial to your health! Check out my full list below. When it comes to liquid goat milk (forbidden to drink on SCD), often autistic children who cannot tolerate it are very good with SCD goat yogurt. (The twenty-four-hour incubation process removes lactose from milk and changes the structure of casein to make it more digestible.) Tolerance towards cheese is a complex issue. Those associated with the SCD diet have found that some cheeses are not tolerated by people with digestive problems. In addition, SOME children with ASD cannot eat cheese made from cow`s milk, but are able to digest cheese made from other animal milks. A small minority of teens with ASD can`t tolerate cheese until their gastrointestinal tract is healed, they`ll likely need to be on SCD for a while before they can handle dairy cheese. Do not use commercial products containing additives, preservatives, sugar and other foods that are illegal for sickle cell disease. Homemade spices and illegal SCD food-free salad dressings are legal.

The recipes are available online and in specialized cookbooks Step-by-step recipes for 24-hour yogurt made from cow`s milk, raw milk or goat`s milk can be found on our blog. Dietary foods are classified as legal (allowed food) or illegal (unauthorized food). Around the world, products such as soy, oats, rice, almonds, coconuts, cashews and tigernuts have been used to make milk substitutes. While food culture wants you to believe that these non-dairy options are new, don`t be fooled, people have been making them for centuries for many reasons. For one thing, livestock was not always available, especially year-round, leaving a void of nutrients and ingredients for cooking. The other main reason was for those who could not consume milk without having an upset stomach. We now know this as lactose intolerance, in which the body cannot break down milk sugar known as lactose. By replacing milk with these alternatives, these people had a milk-free option. The dairy department in the store today has dozens and dozens of dairy-free options and it can be hard to know which one is better. This is partly an individual decision, as allergies and intolerances must be taken into account. Some good ground rules are to check the ingredients first. If it contains things you can`t pronounce, carrageenan or other thickeners or stabilizers, I`d put it on hold.

Carrageenan, in particular, has been shown to cause inflammation and worsen diabetes, IBD, and other digestive diseases. Although it has been approved by the FDA for use, many concerns about the additive remain, so I would personally prefer to avoid it. The next thing I would look at is the sugar content. Often, added sugars are so high that they outweigh other health benefits, not to mention your gut biome. If you find an alternative milk that is GMO-free, organic, sugar-free and additive-free, you`ve hit the jackpot! It can be difficult to find one that ticks all these boxes, the good news is that it`s very easy to create your own. Discover my coconut milk recipe to inspire you! After mixing your almonds and water, strain into a bag of walnut milk or cheesecloth. What about Kirkland Organic Vanilla and Unsweetened Almond Non-Dairy Beverages? In December 2019, there was a change to the rules of the Whole30 program! Now all extracts are approved for your Whole30! Of course, some vanilla almond milks contain vanilla extract and haven`t been approved for your Whole30 so far. Now they are! So this “Whole30 Approved + Compliant Almond Milk Brands” has been updated accordingly! We checked everything on the legal and illegal list of SCD Diet founder Elaine Gottschall and with the help of This is not based on our own opinions or assumptions! If we couldn`t find proof that it was legal in sync, don`t worry, we didn`t use it. How about an unsweetened blend of branded silk almonds-coconuts? Thank you. Thanks for this list! How about unsweetened almond milk with vanilla and vanilla? Are all 30 approved? Is Pantry Unsweetened Vanilla Healthy Almond Milk Good to Drink? It`s from Shoprite.

Thank you What about Friendly Farms original unsweetened almond milk at Aldi? I don`t see any of the no-no`s on the ingredient list. Almond milk, tricalcium phospate, sea salt, gellan gum, dipotassium phosphate, xanthame gum, sunflower lecithin, vitamin A palmaitate, vitamin D2, vitamin E Does sprouted unsweetened almond milk approve? Thank you very much!!! I have a container of unsweetened vanilla almond milk from GV and if I don`t miss it, there is no carrageenan listed. I looked twice. Does it have a different name? No! Not at all. Hormones are messenger substances in our body that prompt our body to act. Hormones are found in cow`s milk (and human breast milk) and serve as a way to communicate with calves and newborn babies to grow and fat! These hormones in milk are part of the reason why it is not ideal for our health. Almond milk is a good choice for many reasons, for one thing, it does not contain any potentially harmful hormones. Is A2 milk allowed in the Whole30 plan? This is milk that contains only A2 casein, not A1.